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Generally leadership is the key reason of success or failure of any organisation. But when making the organisation success and at the same time making student success by turning their dream true is something bigger than mere leadership. Such dual leadership is being played continuously & dedicatedly by founding member and Director Mr. Rajendra Dubey, under his visionary mentorship, DIPS Academy has been flourished & reached to such height.

1. Mr Rajendra Dubey, a seasoned mentor for mathematics and entrepreneur, with a vast teaching experience of more than 25 years in the field of Mathematics.

He is a true learner and keen observer endowed with GOD gifted qualities, of humor, presence of mind, wittiness and graced with natural talent of teaching. He focuses on holistic metamorphosis there by enriching the cognitive skills of the students from HOW THINGS WORK to WHY THINGS WORK.

This is the reason he is the most popular and sought after mentor, therefor students call them ‘Dubey sir’ with love, which in-return become a very popular searched keyword on google search engine.

2. Jyoti R Dubey, is the second director of the organisation and playing a very important key role by connecting the students with their right mentor. Being a wonderful mother and wife, she is empowered women with multitalented traits.
She is the head of Top Management Committee and her leadership span from small issue of students to top management decisions.

Her effort is to evolve a congenial environment where students, faculty members, parents and non-teaching staff put effort together for their individual goal so that everybody of the ecosystem get benefited out of it.

She is passionate and dynamic in her approach and quick decision maker that makes her very adorable among the organisation. Her ability of detailing and eagle-eye style of working is her another leadership quality that set her above from others.


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