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JAM Stat Online Test Series

Dips Academy also has test series for IIT Jam Statistics aspirants which are designed by industry leaders. They designed the test series in such a way that you not only practice questions with our test series, but we also assist you, “how to crack the exam”.

Our test series is available online so that you have the freedom to conduct the test as per your own comfort and timings. Our 360 degree analysis which is performed online on the basis of your performance will assist you in the preparation of the competitive exams and scale your performance among the competitive students all across the nation.

The result of each exam will be declared on the next day of the exam (in the morning session) and will be available for next two days on your panel with full analysis of exams and your performance in the exams. Our online test series are not identical to regular student but it is merged with test series, which are acquired by our regular students of our academy.

In this way you can compete with the most serious and generic aspirants which are lacking in other test series available in the market. Hence, students have the facility to check their knowledge among the most competitive environment before the actual exam.

Highlights of Our Test Series

Standard Quality Questions

Questions are placed as per the weight age of the question in the exam

Availability of question on each concept

Practicing these questions can help you in understanding the whole concept.

Topic or concept wise test and Full length test available.

Get Answer and solution post test

Analysis of your performance

Availability of similar pattern as per the exam

Attempt the exam as per your norms.


JAM All India Ranker

(Online Test Series)

12 Test ( 8 Module Wise + 4 Full Length)

Rs. 1200 /- (+ GST)

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JAM Real Time

(Online Test Series)

6 Full Length Test ( 3 New + 3 Old )

Rs. 1200 /- (+ GST)

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JAM Anytime

(Test Series JAM)

18 Test (9 New + 9 Old)

Rs. 2400 /- (+ GST)

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