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Big Bank of practice question Paper

In our world, practice makes perfect, and for practice you must have good questions and in good quantity so that you can practice a lot. At DIPS, we have realised way back in 1998 and since then kept collecting and creating practice questions for the students.

From last 25 years, we have very large bank of practice questions that is really needed by students to practice on. Same theorem or concept can be applied in solving different-different questions, so each question must be of different set of parameter so that solving the question will be enjoyful.

R&D team member is continuously working on framing new set of question and making our bank large and large. This type of question should be

Students get opportunity to analyze their strength in solving questions on difficulty parameter as the nature of question varies from exam to exam, student gets performance basis easy questions, medium questions and tough questions.

Dips Organizes weekly & monthly test as well as test series for its students. These tests help students in time management & accuracy as well as in self-improvement. According to the performance of the students Dips provides suggestions for their further improvements. In every test students compete with their peers and their own selves which is a healthy competition and it pushes them to do their best.



Success Stories

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