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This is the real secret of DIPS and strength. Make-You-Think (MYTh) is doubt based learning pedagogy that helps students to transform himself from “Replying Brain” to “Applying Thought”. In the Math and Statistics world, understanding concept and applying them in prescribed time-line to get correct result is the key to success.

Stuffing in the brain is not required. MYTh helps brain to absorb it.

At DIPS, we just not answer your query but we induce them to create doubt and ask. More you will ask more your brain will be conditioned to absorb the concept. And to make you ask, you should have doubt. And to have doubt your classes should be in that way. Moreover students are motivated for framing new multiple choice questions which help them to think over various aspects of the concept and enrich them accordingly.

Here, we teach in a way that completing the syllabus become secondary but understanding level of the student improved which remains ever-lasting, not till the examinations. Therefore cracking the exam is the habit of DIPS student, but we conditioned them to be mathematician.

MYTh makes us apart from others, because completing the syllabus is obvious but what is more important for us is how you think logical after DIPS.


And this is the best way to rate the success of DIPS.



Success Stories

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