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UPSC Main Mathematics Regular Classroom Program

Dips Academy is starting full length coaching program for UPSC Mathematics (Optional) aspirants. These online classes are plan in such a way, so that it may continues running over the season of 4-6 month, when classes are encouraged 5-6 days in seven days contributing 4-6 hours all around requested. The UPSC Maths online coaching program is laid out in such a path, to the point that each and every student can understand the topics of subject and while the other preparing association which overburden the mind of understudy with expansive instructive modules and due to this they get perplexed with the course.

There is a novel system to follow in the DIPS Academy and that structure is to see the understudy as indicated by their understanding level and help them to break the examination as indicated by their appreciation.

We know that the understanding level of the large number of student isn't same and student feel the delay in requesting their distinctive issues from times to times so we detach them as indicated by their understanding level and make separate gatherings for them under the program named UPSC Maths optional coaching. DIPS Academy is known as the best online coaching for UPSC Mathematics (optional) among the student in context of this wonderful approach which is followed in our institute and other teaching are not enthused about knowing the student and guide them as indicated by their understanding level with the objective that he/she takes the most favourable position.

UPSC Maths (Optional)
Course Name Class Schedule Fees Enroll Now
UPSC (Civil Services) Mathematics Regular Online Batch Started From: 20th July 2023 Read More Rs. 59,000 Rs 47,700 (Including 18% GST) Enroll Now

Unique Features of UPSC Maths Live Classes

Videos that help you visualize each concept, making it easier to understand.

Clearer concepts lead to higher scores!

Each Topic comprises small concepts that are stitched together with adaptive questions as per the relevant syllabus.

Unlimited Practice & In-depth Analysis.

Adaptive, interactive classes along with tests that help students master each chapter.

Live Classes crafted to evoke curiosity, this all-new feature will develop student's critical thinking abilities and strengthen their understanding of core concept.

One on one Session with Dubey Sir & Team daily 4 to 5 hours shall ensure a smart prep with adaptive learning for competitive exams.

Shortcuts, tips & tricks in all chapters to be taught.

Flashcards & study material targeted for your exam via Android App.

Short cut techniques for better time management and cracking complex questions.

Visualization of topics helping students retain to heavy concepts and terminologies.

Practice and Revise Topics with personalised tests and quizzes



Success Stories

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