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In my long journey as a teacher, I observed that there is a huge difference between learning mathematics at graduate and post-graduate level. At an early stage, we learn 'How things work ?' but at a later stage, we have to focus upon, 'Why things work ?'. Actually, nowadays learning has become just a means to pass exams, leaving very less scope for concept- building. But my point is, while learning one should focus upon subject as a whole and should not be occupied with qualifying the examination only. One should try to observe the phenomenon mentally beyond the realm of words. In other words, one should read between the lines; specifically, for Maths, one should develop an understanding beyond the definitions, theorems and questions. That is why, in my classes, I often use the slang, 'Chhapo Mat! '(i.e. Don't copy and paste). Rather, I try to build concepts and do not try to write everything like Vedic Hymens.

I believe mathematics is not merely a subject which is to be taught chapter-wise or topic-wise, instead it should be taught like a language. We must learn logics and implications in Maths, similar to the way in which we learn metaphors or figures of speech in any language. Creativity and imagination in Maths are as important as they are in literature. Unfortunately, the current trend of teaching and learning is more or less based upon mimicry or repeating the previously proved results.

I am fortunate enough and indebted to the kind and loving GOD, that GOD has entrusted upon me to proliferate and portage this pedagogy in this world. I am lucky to have an adept mind which I have inculcated by challenging myself repeatedly, as well as, by the challenges I face while dealing with hundreds of curious minds I come across in my classes. This creates a splendid environment in the class. The openness in the classrooms and freedom to discuss anything in the world has added few more years to my life, so, I would like to extend my love and thanks to all my students who have been my best teachers and reliable companions. For me, they are like guiding force as their enthusiasm forces me to keep myself updated and stay dynamic.

Lastly, I would like to wind up with the following words,
"Solving a problem a day, keeps all the anger away,
And doing this each day will change the way your thoughts sway”.
With Best Wishes
Rajendra Dubey
( Best Mathematics Mentor Awardee )


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