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About JAM

JAM which is abbreviated form of (Joint Admission Test) for M.Sc. (JAM) conducted by Indian Institution of Science (IISc) Bangalore and IITs for the admission in Ph.D. Degree programs at IISc, Bangalore and M.Sc. (Two Years), Joint M. Sc. -PhD Dual Degree, Joint M.Sc. –PhD, M. Sc. -M. tech, M.Sc. – M.S. (Research) /PhD Dual Degree and other Post-Bachelor’s Degree Programs at IITs. The main objective of this exam is to consolidate Science as a career option for bright Students across the country. The academic environment, interdisciplinary interaction and research infrastructure which are given to the student at these top Institutes like IISC Bangalore and IITs motivate the scholars pursue their career not only in research and development of basic Science but also in the interdisciplinary areas of Science and Technology.

What is New?

From the year 2017, Examination of JAM conducted online for all Test Papers as Computer based Test (CBT). All of the papers of JAM will be of Objective Type with three different patterns of question which are described as below:

1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): under this section, each question has four choices out of which only one choice is correct.

2. Multiple Select Questions (MSQ): This section is more or less common with upper section with the only difference that in this type of question more than one option may be correct.

3. Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Question: In this type of question you have to type answers with the help of virtual keypad on the monitor.

All candidates have to apply only ONLINE. Now all the candidates have to apply online for the exam. They have to upload it on the website, NO hardcopies of documents are to entertain which are mailed to the Organization. Again no hardcopy of score card will be sent to the qualified candidates by the Organizing Institute. You can download it directly from the website.

Question Paper Pattern for JAM
This exam is conducted for the seven test papers named as below:-

Biological Science (BL) Biotechnology (BT) Chemistry (CY) Geology (GG) Mathematics (MA) Mathematical Statistics (MS) Physics (PH)

All Papers are of Objective Type with three different sections of Questions. These sections are differentiated as A, B and C. All sections are compulsory. Questions in each section are of different types which are described as given below: Section –A: Total number of Question in this section are 30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) carrying one or two marks each. Each Question has four choices among them only one choice is correct.

Section –B: Total number of Question in this section are 10 carrying two marks each. Each Question has four choices among them more than one may be correct. These types of Question are called Multiple Correct Question.

Section –C: Total numbers of Question in this section are 20 carrying one or two marks each. Under these sections of Question applicant should write the answer with the help of the virtual keyboard. No choices will be shown for these types of Questions. These Questions are called Numerical Answer Type Question (NAT).

Marking Scheme

In all sections, questions not attempted will result in no mark.

In section –A (MCQ) wrong answer will result in negative marks.

For all 1 Mark Questions, 1/3 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.

For all 2 marks Question, 2/3 will be deducted for each wrong answer.

In section –B (MSQ) and section -C there are no negative marks.

Online Test Rules

On Screen virtual scientific calculator will be available for the candidates to do the calculations in the exams as any type of Physical Calculators, charts, Graph Sheets, Cellular Phone, Tables or any type of electronic gadgets not allowed in the examination hall.

For rough work a scribble pad will be provided to each candidate whom to be returned back by the end of the examination. The candidate required to choose the answer for MCQ and MSQ question type and has to enter the answer with the help of mouse (as keyboard will be disabled). At the end of examination computer screen will be close for further actions.



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