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JAM Stats Weekend Classroom Program

This program is proposed for the working student and the student who are not prepared to join the reliable classroom program due to any reason. The time period of classes will be 10 to 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Student can get notes from the regular classroom student or note down their own particular to keep the pace with others and in this way they have the ability to crack the exams while doing their jobs or go to the colleges or universities. In this manner, this program is useful for them and that student said it is a boon for them in light of the way that as a result of this program they can fulfill their dreams of clearing JRF without leaving their occupations or school classes. This Program is productive for those students who are living near to our coaching centres due to the fact that they can without being in any kind of pressure join the classes on weekends and prepared to satisfy their fantasy of getting JRF and LS.

IIT-JAM STAT 2022*Seminar For IIT JAM STATS 2021 on 23rd Jan at 12 P.M.
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Weekend Offline (GTB Nagar)
Starting From 23rd January 2021 Read More Rs. 44,840 /- (Including 18% GST) Enroll Now



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