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Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is a public university for scientific research and higher education located in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), India. Established in 1909 with active support from JamshetjiTata ,it is also locally known as the "Tata Institute". It acquired the status of a Deemed Universityin 1958. IISc is widely regarded as India's finest institution in its field, and has made significant contribution to advanced computing, space, and nuclear technologies.

The Department of Mathematics of IISccarries out research & teaching in all areas of pure and applied mathematics such as Algebra, Topology, NonlinearSystem, FluidDynamics, Functional Theory etc. It also conducts the Mathematics Olympiad Programme.

Students at DIPS Academy,slanged as DIPSites with their solidarity, come from all parts of the country to learn mathematics .DIPSites have always been and will always be crucial to the success and strength of our academy that has produced a long list of eminent DIPSites whose hard work and dedication toward study can easily be seen by their results. Here is the list of the DIPSites who are making a difference and giving back to DIPS Academy in countless ways by studying or studied at IISc(For more details please visit at


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